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2016-09-10 10:11:50

How to identify the quality of the merits of the bearing

Identify the quality of the equipment bearing, we usually from the following aspects:
1, the packaging is clear
Under normal circumstances, the regular manufacturers of brand has its own specialized designers external packaging design, production conditions and arrangements for clearance of factory production of production, therefore, whether the product packaging should be very clear from the line to color, mm unambiguous.
2, symbol word is clear
Every product bearing a body will be in products bearing the words printed on its brand, label and so on. Although the font is very small, but regular manufacturers of products are used stamp printing technology, but without the heat-treatment is carried out the word pressure, so the font may be small, but a deep depression, very clear. And under normal circumstances, counterfeit goods not only fuzzy fonts, printing technology since the rough Font floating on the surface, some of them can be easily wiped off by hand or hand signs seriously.
3, is there a hetero ring
Left hand holding the bearing sleeve body, right hand toggle coat rotated, listen to the bearings during operation if there hetero ring. Since most production conditions counterfeit goods behind, completely hand-workshop-style operations in the production process will inevitably bearing the body braced with dust, sand, a kind of impurity, so the bearing rotation when there will be a hybrid ring or does not run smoothly phenomenon . This is to determine whether a product by strict production standards, and regular operation of the machine with the key manufacturers of branded products.
4, the surface is muddy traces of oil
Are there traces of oil muddy surface which requires that we should pay special attention to when buying imported bearings. Because it is easy to leave the current domestic anti-rust technology there is a certain gap with foreign advanced manufacturing country, so the body bearing traces of oil rust treatment thick, sticky thick sticky feeling when touched by hand, and foreign on imported bearings almost do not see any trace of anti-rust oil. According to insiders, particularly careful person can smell on bearings to a special taste, this is the anti-rust oil taste.
5, chamfering is uniform
The so-called bearing chamfer, which is the junction with the horizontal plane, vertical plane, bearing counterfeit products due to the limitation of production technology, in which the corners of the site handled unsatisfactory, which we can easily identify.

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