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2016-09-10 09:58:18

The maintenance for self-lubricating bearings

We often use a variety of bearings in the engine. Different bearings have different functions and roles. And we should do well to the maintenance of the bearings in engine. In order to avoid various kinds of problems to the bearings, we should understand the causes of the bearing damages and solve them. Poor lubrication: starting the engine immediately with the throttle at high speed. And improper selection of lubricants, filling shortage, not timely replacement as per the change of the season, and also lubricating oil deterioration will also lead to poor lubrication. Lubricant mixing impurities: during engine operation, if the impurities come into the lubricating oil, it will cause the wear to the sliding bearing alloy layer. Bearings are indispensable parts to the engine, and we should pay attention to the maintenance when using, so as to make our bearings long lifetime. And nowadays, with the fast development to our technology, the function of the bearings will be better and better.

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