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2016-09-10 09:58:04

What kind of roles does self-lubricating bearing have?

The development for machinery industry is very fast. And nowadays, with our better metal products technology, and better mechanical performance, such small parts like our self-lubricating bearings play a very important role in large machines. The advantages of sliding bearings are simple form, large contacting areas, smooth and reliable work and without noise. Under liquid lubrication conditions, the sliding surfaces are separated from lubricating oil without direct contact, which can greatly reduce the friction abrasion and surface abrasion, while the oil film also has certain vibration absorption ability. The disadvantage of sliding bearing is that it could not maintain sufficient oil storage, and the starting friction resistance is big. Self-lubricating bearings can drive the normal operation of large machinery. Our machines will not be able to work normally without these products. Therefore, good maintenance could make our mechanical life longer.

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