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2016-09-10 09:57:37

The importance of different bearing in our lives

The role of various types of bearings are in fact not the same, we will use a lot of places to bearing products, and with our increasingly sophisticated machinery, bearings market development will be better.

Bearing role: Thrust ball bearings are separable bearings, can only withstand axial load in one direction one-way bearings can withstand axial load, two-way bearings can withstand both directions alternating axial load. Each ring of deep groove ball bearings have a cross-section of approximately one third of the circumference of the ball continuous groove type raceway radial ball bearings for precision instrument and so on as. There are a lot of bearing on the market have a different bearing different functions, now, we have more and more advanced technology, develop without mechanical bearings. Buy plain bearings when we pay attention to distinguish the quality of good or bad bearings, bearing when in use must pay attention to maintenance, especially sliding bearing products, etc., should always be lubricated in order to better use.

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